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I recommend Anzielle's services, I was very satisfied with her service and her professionalism.
She is very responsive and very available. She was even able to help me when I couldn't find a dressing table. I wish him lots of good things for the future and a lot of success.



What other providers do you work with?

We work with hairdressers and photographers.

Here is a list of our partners Cedric Kashalé (Photographer), Mani Buka (Hairdressing), Verdo Traiteur (Caterer), Alliance Impact (Wedding Planner).


Yes there are bundles for a good time of


How long do I need to book in advance?

As soon as you have a date, don't hesitate to book your session.

I would like to come with a friend, are there any bundles at Anzielle

Makeup  ?

Are you moving abroad?

Yes and it is with great pleasure that we would come to you to achieve the makeup of your dreams.

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